20140709-0013We frequently run workshops aimed at bringing new people into the group or introducing group members to techniques, skills and tasks that they perhaps hadn’t previously considered.

You don’t need to have any experience in film-making – in fact, the whole point is to show you how it all works and let you discover for yourself which aspects are of most interest to you.

In the past we’ve run workshops in which we’ve shot (very) short films as an exercise in blocking and selecting shots and lenses. And we’ve demonstrated how shots are edited together.

20140709-0035Our plan is to have regular workshops that will include:

  • Shooting a complete one-scene movie, with everyone getting to try whatever jobs (acting, camera, sound, continuity etc) interests them – see Crapaud for an example.
  • Technical sessions focused on specific areas (camera, sound, editing etc).
  • Screenings and discussions of scenes in movies we find interesting and inspiring.
  • Discussions about future projects.

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