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10 useful websites for independent film-makers

The web is a great resource for independent filmmakers, whether you make two-minute short films or feature movies. Here are 10 of the sites we find most useful as sources of information and education – for film-making techniques and tips, and for that all-important networking. They are presented in no particular order. Stage 32 There’s always Shooting People, which is… Read more »

Cigarette – the trailer

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Our most recent short film, Cigarette, now has a trailer. You can watch it on Vimeo or via the movie’s page on this site. Creating a trailer is always a fascinating experience. In this case, I had to boil down a 13 minute narrative into 40 seconds (including credits), capturing the mood of the film without giving away too much detail…. Read more »

10 invaluable tools for independent, low-budget film-makers

So, you’ve got a camera, a mic and a sound recorder. Hmm, what else do you need to make a movie? The answer, of course, is ‘lots of stuff’. The buying never ends. Even short films require a surprisingly large amount of equipment. But every now and then you look at something you’ve bought – often something inexpensive – and think,… Read more »