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Call in the professionals?

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I’m in the middle of writing reviews of some of the kit we use, starting with the Zoom H4n sound recorder. And this brought to mind a bit of advice I see often on filmmaking forums. When beginners ask the inevitable question, ‘what audio gear should I buy’, sure as eggs is eggs someone will pop up and say, ‘don’t buy… Read more »

Is sound half the movie?

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There’s a pithy saying you often see bandied about in film-making forums – sound is half the movie. The truth, as ever, is far more nuanced and complex than that bumper-sticker aphorism allows, but it’s true in at least one respect: just as with the cinematography, the audio element of the film needs to be executed to a certain minimum… Read more »

The sound of silence

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We’re currently working on the sound for Cigarette, the short film we shot back in March. In many ways this is the most challenging production to date from a sound perspective – not because of dialogue (there isn’t any) nor because of the complexity of the sound – but because of the lack of it. The entire action, which takes place… Read more »

Screaming our heads off…

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We always knew it would come to this … Clare screaming her lungs out, and all in the name of art. No Evil will feature two sound montages – effectively audio flashbacks for the character of Luke. They’re essential to portraying his state of mind. And they feature two characters – Luke’s parents – otherwise only referred to in dialogue…. Read more »

The kit: audio

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Audio experts will tell you that “sound is half the movie”. In fact, they will bludgeon you with this pithy little epithet over and over until you give in and spend all your money on mics and mixers. At least, that’s what it’s like in the film-making forums. And they have a point. A film with poor composition or focus… Read more »

Further up the learning curve

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Most of the crew on No Evil are first-timers and all of us are amateurs (in the original and best meaning of the word). So, shooting a movie in six days, which was already going to be tough, is made harder by lack of experience. Film-making is a highly technical business. With the cast, you can just drag them along to… Read more »

Sound decisions

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Film-making is a highly technical undertaking. And while I’m comfortable using a camera, having been a photographer for about 40 years, video is new to me. And it’s new to everyone on the shoot. We’re not just amateurs, but rank beginners, albeit with the desire to learn. So, making this film is going to be a steep learning curve that… Read more »