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Winging it…

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Helmuth von Moltke famously said, “no plan survives first contact with the enemy” (or, at least, that’s how it’s usually paraphrased). And so it is with filmmaking. Yes, you have a script, a carefully planned shot list and maybe even storyboards. But you’re still going to have to improvise. And unless you’re making a massively expensive, FX-heavy Hollywood blockbuster, this… Read more »

It’s a wrap … but it ain’t over

On Wednesday we finally wrapped on The Garden. For a short film it’s been a long haul, with principle photography having started back in February. But now the hard work really begins. It’s also when a lot of the fun begins. Editing is painstaking work, but it’s where the movie really gets made. At the moment, we’re in the process of… Read more »

Creating shot lists – there’s an app for that

Until now, creating shot lists has been something of a manual and clumsy process involving multiple software packages and much swearing. Now we’ve produced an app that makes life a lot easier. Designed for movie directors and cinematographers, it will help ensure you never miss a critical take on your next film project. StoryFlow lets you use your iPhone or… Read more »

At it again…

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Yep, we’re filming again. We’ve just completed the first day of shooting ‘Albert’, with one more day scheduled. Once again, the screenplay has been written by Clare, who’s also directing this time. I’m director of photography and editor. And we have a few of our ‘Impasse’ crew – Morgan once more doing sterling duty as camera assistant, and Mandy has… Read more »

Finding the gaps

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Film-making is exhausting. After a day’s shoot, I spent several hours copying over files, renaming them, and starting on a (very) rough cut. I started editing partly to convince myself that we were doing it right. We actually got some great shots, a beautifully restrained performance from Morgan (Luke) – who hasn’t had a word of dialogue to say yet… Read more »