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Lessons from The Garden

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Every film we make is an education. That’s part of the reason we make them. At the finish of each film we’ve looked back and reflected on some aspect of the experience and said to ourselves, “Well, we’ll never do that again.” And so it was with The Garden. Scheduling issues We made life difficult for ourselves by shooting in… Read more »

Finding the gaps

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Film-making is exhausting. After a day’s shoot, I spent several hours copying over files, renaming them, and starting on a (very) rough cut. I started editing partly to convince myself that we were doing it right. We actually got some great shots, a beautifully restrained performance from Morgan (Luke) – who hasn’t had a word of dialogue to say yet… Read more »

One eye on the weather

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As an ex-pilot, I’m accustomed to keeping a nervous eye on the weather forecast. I haven’t flown for a while, though, and so have got out of the habit. Now it’s back with a vengeance. Our shooting schedule for No Evil is tightly restricted – mainly by the availability of cast & crew. And I’ve come to realise that we’ve… Read more »