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Want to make your house famous? Film locations needed

We’re gearing up for our next film – working title Cigarette – and we’re looking for locations. The movie will be shot over three days (plus a day or two setting up beforehand). Nearly all the action takes place indoors, so we’re looking for: * A kitchen – preferably fairly large, and ideally with a breakfast bar or island unit… Read more »

Locating the action

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For zero-budget film-makers, finding the right locations can be a challenge. On Impasse, when we weren’t out in the countryside (including one place where we probably needed a permit but decided against trying to get one) we used two locations. One was the home of friends. The other was the home of writer/producer Clare. The friends’ home was perfect for our… Read more »

Locations sorted

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Well, I’m glad to say my memory didn’t let me down too badly. Today I scouted locations around the very pretty Mont Margantin for scene 2. It’s about as much of a ‘mont’ as the Orne can manage – less generous people might call it a hill rather than a mountain. But it has lots of woodland, quiet roads and… Read more »