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Leaving space for creativity

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How big a crew do you need? For us, that’s less of an issue than how big a crew we can get, but all the same… As zero-budget filmmakers, we’re dependent on the enthusiasm and goodwill of people to get our films made. I understand that not everyone is as crazy (and I use that word advisedly) about making films as I… Read more »

You’re never alone with a film crew…

Is there a fine line between reality and fantasy? Not really. They are two different worlds. Take the following still from our latest movie, Cigarette. It’s an image of a woman utterly alone, isolated in her own personal hell. And here’s a picture of the filming of that shot. Not quite the same atmosphere, is it? As Brian de Palma… Read more »

Creating shot lists – there’s an app for that

Until now, creating shot lists has been something of a manual and clumsy process involving multiple software packages and much swearing. Now we’ve produced an app that makes life a lot easier. Designed for movie directors and cinematographers, it will help ensure you never miss a critical take on your next film project. StoryFlow lets you use your iPhone or… Read more »

Further up the learning curve

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Most of the crew on No Evil are first-timers and all of us are amateurs (in the original and best meaning of the word). So, shooting a movie in six days, which was already going to be tough, is made harder by lack of experience. Film-making is a highly technical business. With the cast, you can just drag them along to… Read more »