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10 invaluable tools for independent, low-budget film-makers

So, you’ve got a camera, a mic and a sound recorder. Hmm, what else do you need to make a movie? The answer, of course, is ‘lots of stuff’. The buying never ends. Even short films require a surprisingly large amount of equipment. But every now and then you look at something you’ve bought – often something inexpensive – and think,… Read more »

The kit: audio

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Audio experts will tell you that “sound is half the movie”. In fact, they will bludgeon you with this pithy little epithet over and over until you give in and spend all your money on mics and mixers. At least, that’s what it’s like in the film-making forums. And they have a point. A film with poor composition or focus… Read more »

Kitted up

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You can’t make a movie without a camera. Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Turns out, though, that a camera by itself is fairly limiting. As someone who’s been a professional stills photographer (on and off) for 30 years, I’ve always understood that equipment is important. Photography enthusiasts tend to obsess about, even fetishise, their kit. But to a pro, equipment… Read more »