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Silence of the Rice Krispies

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Somewhere back in the dim and distant past (October 2014 to be exact) a bunch of Zolascope members got together for a workshop. In one shortish day we shot the footage for a film – The Silence of the Rice Krispies – written by Megan, daughter of our illustrious co-founder Clare. Meg’s brother Tom played the lead (and only) role. Meg… Read more »

How would Shakespeare shoot it?

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Cuts need to be motivated. That’s one of the first things you learn about filmmaking. There has to be a reason for every edit. Often it’s speech. In reverses, for example, where you’re shooting a dialogue between two people, you’ll hear the off-camera person’s voice a fraction of a section before you cut to show their face (ie, a J-cut)…. Read more »

It’s getting better all the time…

One of the most interesting – and heartening – lessons I’ve learned in making No Evil is that every stage of the process seems to improve the quality. As director, DP and editor I’ve been privileged to contribute to many parts of the film. But that also means I’ve had the opportunity to make mistakes and (in the words of teachers… Read more »