Shoot Days

shootday_list_iphone-300Shoot Day is as it sounds – a day on which you’ll be shooting your movie. You can add shots to each Shoot Day from any of the Scenes.

To get to a Production’s Shoot Days, tap on the calendar icon while in the Production list.

To add a Shoot Day, tap on the + button.

To edit a Shoot Day, tap on the detail (circled i) button.

To re-order or delete Shoot Days, tap on the Edit button.

  • When you re-order Shoot Days, they are automatically renumbered.
  • When you delete a Shoot Day, any Shots assigned to it are automatically re-assigned to zero (ie, unassigned). The Shots themselves are not deleted.

The settings are currently quite simple – just a date and a title (optional).

If the date picker is set to a date that is the same as another Shoot Day already configured, the Save button will be greyed-out, to prevent duplication.

You can add Shots to Shoot Days in two ways:

  • When editing the details of an individual shot.
  • By bulk-adding shots to a Shoot Day.

In the Shoot Day list, you’ll see (at the top of the screen) a note of how many Shots are currently not assigned to a Shoot Day. If there is at least one, you can tap on this to get a list of unassigned Shots. From there, you can edit each Shot individually, to assign it to a Shoot Day. But that’s rather time-consuming.

shootday_list_icons-200If you have a number of Shots that need assigning, tap on the multiple-camera button for the Shoot Day to which you want to assign Shots. This gives you a different list of Shots from which you can pick multiple entries.

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