settings_iphone-300You can configure StoryFlow to suit the way you work. To do this, access the Settings via the gear icon on the home page.

Currently, the available settings are:


  • Default shot numbering style. This sets the default style for new Productions. The factory setting is ‘A, B, C…’. You can change the setting for individual Productions.


  • Default scene setting. This selects the default setting (INT, EXT or I/E) when you create a new Scene.


  • Omit letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ when numbering shots alphabetically. Some people don’t like to use the letters I and O when numbering shots because they are easily confused with one and zero. This is a global setting. When selected, I and O won’t be used for all shot lists that are numbered alphabetically (ie, 1A, 1B, 1C etc). If you deselect this setting, I and O are used again. The renumbering is automatic.
  • JPEG image quality. This sets the level of compression used when adding an image (either from the camera or the photo library) to a Shot. A lower number results in smaller files, which is useful when exporting Productions. A larger number will improve quality. A setting of 50% is recommended. Please note: changing this setting does not change any images already imported.


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