lenses_iphone_landscape-300The list of Lenses is just a handy way of reminding you what lens you might want to use for an individual shot.

You can select a lens when editing a Shot’s details. If the lens you want for that Shot isn’t already in the list, you can add it then.

You can also get to the list of lenses from the home page.

The lens list is maintained separately from the Production. As you add lenses, while working on various Productions, your list will grow and will be available to all Productions.

Each entry currently has only two entries:

  • Lens name – keep this short. This is what appears in the shot list. It could be general (eg, ‘STD’ for a standard lens, perhaps, or ‘Wide’ for a wide-angle), or specific to a lens you commonly use.
  • Note – this is optional. You can, for example, enter a reminder of specific characteristics of the lens.


You can export your list of Lenses – to send them to someone else or to use in StoryFlow on another device.

export_button-80To export, tap on the export button (a rectangle with an upwards-pointing arrow) in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. If you can’t see, it’s because there weren’t any items in the lens list when you can to this screen. (If you added items since, go back to the home screen and re-enter the Lenses list.)

An alert box will pop up to allow you to confirm that you want to export the list. If you tap OK, the export file is created and then you’re directed to the mail app to send the file as an email attachment.

The file is called: StoryFlow_Lenses.jsnl

import_button-80To import, a Lenses file previously exported from StoryFlow, you can use Dropbox or Airdrop. For more details about how to do this, see the StoryFlow Imports page.

During import, StoryFlow checks to ensure there are no clashes with existing items you might have in your Lenses list. It does this by comparing the lens names – so, for example, if you already have an entry with the name ‘Wide’, it ignores any entry with that same name in the list you’re importing. That way, you don’t end up with unnecessary duplicates.

Renaming the export file: Once you’ve received a lens file via email, you can rename it to anything you want (rather than StoryFlow_Lenses.jsnl) before importing it. However, you must keep the .jsnl extension. If you try to import a file with any other kind of extension, it will be ignored.


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