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Silence of the Rice Krispies

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Somewhere back in the dim and distant past (October 2014 to be exact) a bunch of Zolascope members got together for a workshop. In one shortish day we shot the footage for a film – The Silence of the Rice Krispies – written by Megan, daughter of our illustrious co-founder Clare. Meg’s brother Tom played the lead (and only) role. Meg… Read more »

How would Shakespeare shoot it?

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Cuts need to be motivated. That’s one of the first things you learn about filmmaking. There has to be a reason for every edit. Often it’s speech. In reverses, for example, where you’re shooting a dialogue between two people, you’ll hear the off-camera person’s voice a fraction of a section before you cut to show their face (ie, a J-cut)…. Read more »

Staying in touch

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We’re trying to build a community of film-makers, and trying to keep everyone up to speed with our activities has proven to be a challenge. Group emails seem to get lost or fall into spam traps. And tracking replies is complex. So we’ve decided to become more organised. We’ve started two newsletters – one for people who want to get… Read more »