StoryFlow – now with Airdrop and Final Draft 10 support

StoryFlow-152StoryFlow, our shot listing app for iOS, has been updated. It now supports the revised file format of Final Draft 10, which has just appeared. And you can now transfer Final Draft (.fdx) and StoryFlow Production, Lenses and Shot Types files to your iPhone or iPad using Airdrop.
The Airdrop facility is useful because it means you can transfer files without having full Internet access – your iOS device and the computer from which you airdropwant to send the files just need to be on the same wifi and within Bluetooth reach of each other. That means you could have a wifi router on set and transfer files even if an Internet connection is unavailable.

There have also been some other minor improvements to how Final Draft files are imported. For example, when you write a shot description in Final Draft, if you insert the divider text ‘//’ in the description, anything before that divider goes into the main shot description in StoryFlow and the rest goes into the notes for the shot.

The new version is 1.0.4 and is available now in the Apple App Store.

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