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YouTube-150pxAs you might have guessed from the icon that has appeared in the sidebar (over there, on the right), Zolascope is now on YouTube.

And you might say, “What took you so long?’. After all, our films have been screening on Vimeo for a couple of years now.

Well, fair enough. The thing is, at the time we started Vimeo was widely perceived by people in the indie film world to be far superior. It produced better quality streaming video, better sound quality and generally had a classier presentation. YouTube was more about skateboarding cats, people falling down holes and Google ads. And more Google ads.

It’s not that YouTube has improved at all. Far from it. The cats might have progressed to hang gliding or doing make-overs, but the overall atmosphere is the same.

It’s just that we feel our films deserve the widest possible audience. Everyone involved with them has put in a lot of work, so the more people who see the results the better.

So, in future, all of our films will go on both platforms, although they will probably appear on Vimeo first. Enjoy.

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