StoryFlow: better shotlists

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Shot list in shoot day mode

Shot list in shoot day mode

Nothing stands still in the world of technology. Our StoryFlow shotlist app for iOS has been out for about 18 months now, and I thought it was time for a spruce-up.

There were a few minor bugs I wanted to crush (mostly to do with layout on the screen) and it was an opportunity to add a couple of features.

Some time ago, a user of the app asked whether it could support multi-camera setups. Well, now it does. For each shot you can assign a camera letter (A-J) or number (1-9).

I’ve also improved how it handles imported Final Draft scripts. And there are more ‘time of day’ settings (DAY, NIGHT, CONTINUOUS etc) for scene sluglines.

The updated version is being reviewed by Apple now, so should be out soon [UPDATE: it’s approved and in the App Store now]: but don’t wait – as with all apps, the update will go out to all users when it’s ready.

Making the changes was an interesting experience. Loading the source code into XCode revealed that many of the methods I’d used – while standard at the time – are now deprecated by Apple. For non-coders, ‘deprecated’ means “it’ll work, but it’s not the way we think you should do it”. All of the code was refreshed to change it to the currently approved methods.

This process also got me thinking about others things I could do with the app. A second update is currently in progress to add a few more features (it’ll be a while before that’s ready, though. Again, all users will get it automatically.)

So now I have ideas for several more apps for filmmakers. All I need now is the time to write them…!

2 thoughts on “StoryFlow: better shotlists

  1. John Eichler

    I made another test. I brought up the .fdx file I made yesterday using FD8 and your app worked perfectly. I opened the app in FD10 and just saved it. When I opened it in your app it did not work.

    Something has changed with FD10. Today was the first day they had FD10 available so this might have something to do with it.

    It’s hard communicating problems with you because I have no email address. I would really appreciate you looking into this problem. I’m sure that others would run into the same thing I have.

  2. Steve Post author

    The current version of StoryFlow (1.0.3) now works with Final Draft 10 .fdx files. It’s available for download in the App Store now. Please ensure you’re using the latest version. It also now supports import via Airdrop.


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