You’re never alone with a film crew…

Is there a fine line between reality and fantasy? Not really. They are two different worlds. Take the following still from our latest movie, Cigarette.


It’s an image of a woman utterly alone, isolated in her own personal hell. And here’s a picture of the filming of that shot.


Not quite the same atmosphere, is it? As Brian de Palma said, “the camera lies 24 times a second”. (Actually, Brian, we’re shooting video in Europe, so it’s 25 times a second.)

There are eight people in that shot (plus two off-camera). The bowl is there to catch a lit match. And two people are ‘woggling‘ in front of a light to replicate flames.

It’s all very effective, but reality it ain’t…

One thought on “You’re never alone with a film crew…

  1. Edie gayoung

    Hi! i found your page while googling “making movies in France”, i’m Edie gayoung from korea.
    i majored Interior Architecture in korea and i’ve worked at it more than 1 year now.
    i got into French culture and language when i traveled in Europe this summer,
    so i’ll go to Poitiers in January 2016 for learning French.
    i’m very interested in Films, colors, and general Arts and i wanna work for making set for films or photo shot after learning language. i tried to find about this these days, but it’s little bit demanding
    cause i have little information and not good at French yet…
    if you can advise me anything, it’ll be huge help for young, rudderless girl.
    i’ll expect optimistic one. Thank you for reading.


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