The art of team building

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CD-screenshotFilm-making is a communal activity made so much easier when you have a great team. We’re lucky at Zolascope in that we’ve already created a core group of enthusiastic and talented people. But we need more, which is why we’re currently running workshops to attract newcomers.

Technology has done so much to revolutionise film-making. Digital cameras and computer-based editing have made it possible for those of us without millions in the bank to create high-quality films free of commercial constraints. And the web, with sites like YouTube and Vimeo, give us a free, worldwide distribution platform so that our films can be seen.

The one area where technology hasn’t helped that much so far is in that essential step of building the team. There are forums where you can ask for help. And there are sites like LinkedIn and even Facebook, but those are unfocused and one’s plea for help is usually drowned out by the noise.

Creative District is a new social networking platform that promises to be just what we film-makers are looking for. As the name suggests, it’s focused on creative projects, with a heavy emphasis on film-making (it’s backed by Technicolor). It is very specifically geared towards bringing people together on a project-by-project basis.

As you might expect, so far it has a somewhat US flavour. But these are early days (at the time of writing there are 11,000 people signed up to the site). And I feel it has real potential for those of us who toil away far from any film-making centre and who, therefore, don’t have ready access to existing networks of people and resources.

You’ll find my profile here – feel free to follow me.

And if you’re a creative person involved in any way with film-making – and especially if you’re not in LA, New York, Toronto, Paris or London – check it out. It could be just what you need to make that valuable connection.

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