Staying in touch

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We’re trying to build a community of film-makers, and trying to keep everyone up to speed with our activities has proven to be a challenge. Group emails seem to get lost or fall into spam traps. And tracking replies is complex. So we’ve decided to become more organised.

We’ve started two newsletters – one for people who want to get involved in the actual film-making (productions & workshops) and another for events such as screenings of our films.

You can sign up to receive these via email over on the newsletters page. Don’t worry – you’re not going to get flooded with messages. It’s unlikely that either newsletter will go out more than once a month – probably less. And you can always unsubscribe at any time.

meetupThis way we can keep people properly informed of what’s coming up.

In most cases, we’ll be asking people to respond by going to our page. That’s where you’ll find all our forthcoming events (check it out now – there are workshops listed there), and confirm which ones you’d like to attend. That helps us know who’s coming so that we can lay in an adequate supply of crisps!


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