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We’ve just held the first of our workshop sessions and I think it was a great success. Many of the people who attended had never been on any kind of film set before, and I think they were surprised at how complex – and how slow – making movies can be. And how much hard work is involved. And yet everyone had a lot of fun.


We chose part of a scene from a screenplay, written by Clare, that we plan to shoot next summer. The idea was to have a simple bit of interplay between two people to give us the opportunity to show how reverses work. It also provided a couple of examples of a ‘cut on action’ (or match cut, as some prefer to call it).

Clare was forced into the roles of director and DP – which was a tough job given that we didn’t develop a shot list or storyboard beforehand. We were making up shots on the fly, explaining as we went.

Several people took turns as sound recordist, boom operator and clapper, with onlookers being given the responsibility for monitoring continuity.

Given the lack of pre-planning and a relaxed atmosphere, the shots actually cut together very well. That evening I’d got a rough-cut of the five set-ups that run to just over a minute. But when you look close, the footage does contain some good material for, um, learning about continuity errors. But that’s for next time.

Check out the workshop page for more information.


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