Creating shot lists – there’s an app for that

StoryFlow-40Until now, creating shot lists has been something of a manual and clumsy process involving multiple software packages and much swearing. Now we’ve produced an app that makes life a lot easier. Designed for movie directors and cinematographers, it will help ensure you never miss a critical take on your next film project.

Shot list in shoot day mode

Shot list in shoot day mode

StoryFlow lets you use your iPhone or iPad to create, manage and work with shot lists – during pre-production and on set. You create lists of all your scenes, shoot days and shots and can view the shots grouped either by scene (with the shots in script order) or by shoot day (with shots in the order you plan to shoot them).

Renumbering and re-ordering shots is as simple as dragging them from one position in the list to another.

You can add an image to each shot (either by snapping a photo on your device or by using a picture already in your photo library) to create a simple storyboard.

If you have your script in Final Draft (.fdx) format, with the shots already entered, then you can create your scene and shot lists by importing the script file (via Dropbox) and everything is set up for you.

You can also export your shot lists (via email) in spreadsheet format, enabling you to send them to colleagues – or yourself – for printing out. And you can export an entire project (complete with images) to use on another device.

Currently, StoryFlow runs on iOS, but Android and OS X versions are underway.


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