The Importance of Hats, places to hang them and A Star Is Born

When we were shooting Impasse I often felt as if I was wearing a number of hats.  It was exciting but sometimes felt unfocused, like it could all go wrong at any moment.  Of course it didn’t, but a good deal of energy went into trying to keep up with practical aspects, possibly at the expense of the creative side of the experience.

But over the last two days of the shoot for Albert my experience has been different.  Exhausting yes, but also deeply satisfying – the experience of many heads (wearing their respective hats), working as one towards the same end.   There were moments when decisions had to be made and as a first time film director I sometimes simply wasn’t sure what decision to make. Or there were things that I didn’t notice, or just didn’t understand.  But the cast and crew were as involved as I was, so someone always seemed to step forward with a suggestion,  an observation or an explanation that kept the whole process moving.  It was very supportive and creative.  And of course we had kept things a good deal simpler this time – one interior location, smaller cast and between us all, more experience.

The support mattered enormously, on a practical level as well as creative. Alex provided a wonderful working environment for us. We had a kitchen that could be the dedicated film set, other rooms for crew accommodation, a dressing room, another as a place to store our surplus ‘stuff’ and a cosy kitchen where we could take our breaks.  And some of our crew won’t need to eat for rest of the week, on account of the gigantic breakfast, which was enough to feed an army!  Alex – you’re a star!

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