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On the set of 'Albert'

On the set of ‘Albert’

Yep, we’re filming again.

We’ve just completed the first day of shooting ‘Albert’, with one more day scheduled. Once again, the screenplay has been written by Clare, who’s also directing this time. I’m director of photography and editor. And we have a few of our ‘Impasse’ crew – Morgan once more doing sterling duty as camera assistant, and Mandy has moved behind the camera as sound recordist. Trish is providing costume and make-up services and also employing her eagle eye for details in helping spot continuity issues. And we have a newcomer to the team, Samuel, as boom operator.

This is a much simpler shoot than ‘Impasse’ – just one set, one scene and two actors. We have the great fortune to have Minnie and John playing the roles of Brian and ‘Woman’.

It was a full-on day in which we shot no fewer than 22 set-ups (a total of 65 takes). A (very) rough edit runs to 3:40, which is pretty good for a single day. A general rule of thumb is that you usually hope to get 2:30 of final footage per day on an indie film.

The results are very promising. Both Minnie and John are inhabiting their characters with utmost conviction.

Our only issue is that, while it’s an indoor shoot, we’re still somewhat limited by daylight. The gite we’re using as a location (thanks Alex & John!) has three windows and a set of glass doors. Once the light starts to fade, the quality of the interior light changes, so even where we can avoid shots that show the windows, it’s difficult to shoot much beyond 4:30pm.

Still, a huge amount of fun and, I think, something great to show for it.

More soon (including pictures) when I’m not so knackered.

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