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Editing No Evil in Final Cut Pro X

Editing No Evil in Final Cut Pro X

The edit of No Evil is now locked. Yay!

What this means is that all the shots have been edited to the correct length, and all dialogue and other sync sound has been laid in.

There’s still much to do – fine-tuning the audio, adding some final sound FX and one line of OS dialogue, and, of course, lots and lots of grading (adjusting the colour, contrast etc to get shots to match and give the film its ‘look’).

What we do know now is that the film runs for 15 minutes 54 seconds and 10 frames, not including end credits.

The screenplay (not the shooting script) ran to 21 pages, if memory serves. Normally, you reckon on about one minute of screen time for each page. But that’s only a rough measure and only works if averaged out over enough pages. Short pieces of action described on the page, for example, can end up taking a disproportionate amount of screen time. But we weren’t far off.

Anyway, there’s light at the end of the tunnel…

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