Screaming our heads off…

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We always knew it would come to this … Clare screaming her lungs out, and all in the name of art.

No Evil will feature two sound montages – effectively audio flashbacks for the character of Luke. They’re essential to portraying his state of mind. And they feature two characters – Luke’s parents – otherwise only referred to in dialogue.

The montages will consist of fragments of speech, mostly shouted or screamed, as they roil around in Luke’s head.

Clare took the part of Cathy, Luke’s mother, with utterances that ranged from near-whispered endearments to screams of anguish. We recorded this in our courtyard. Fortunately, we have no near neighbours, otherwise I think the cops might have been called.

I played the part of Pete, Luke’s father (I resisted the urge to record the phrase “Luke, I am your father”). But I waited for Clare to leave before recording my part, as I felt too self-conscious. I’m no actor, and my recordings will be used only as placeholders until we can get someone more talented to re-record them.

I’ve started building the montages, using Logic Pro. But already I can see that we’ll need more material. So, Clare, we need you to scream again. Shouldn’t be too hard to arrange…


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