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Last of the pick-up shots done today (I think).

On the first day of shooting, we photographed a scene in which Luke (played by Morgan) sits on a bench by a lake and throws stones. It hadn’t been our intention to get shots of the stones hitting the water, but when I came to cut the shots we did have together – well, they just wouldn’t match up. We needed cutaways.

One of the lessons learned from this film is that you can never have too much coverage.

So, back to the lake today, just me and Trish, watched occasionally by bemused people on their afternoon promenade. We set up the camera and the Zoom H4N recorder with the shotgun mic and threw a few pebbles.

Although the shots are meant only as cutaways, the ripples do provide a nice metaphor of what is happening in the story – which is why I’d now like to say that I planned it this way all along.


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