Making noise

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I’m learning that, when it comes to sound, you’re better off doing it yourself.

No Evil needs a number of sound effects. And a lot of them are used in two short sound montages.

I needed the sound of a revving car engine, so went online. I found nothing I wanted to use. Then I tried the iTunes Store, of all places. There are numerous sound effects albums for sale (some of them from the BBC, which gave me flashbacks to Father Ted). I picked a couple of tracks, at 99 cents a piece. I wish I’d saved my money.

The revving sound just didn’t seem all that clear, and once the tracks were mixed into the montage, it all started sounding rather muddy.

So, the latter part of the afternoon found Trish behind the wheel of one of our cars, revving the engine while I recorded it on the H4N. I chose the old Renault 19 because, being a little more used and tired than our Citroen C5, I figured it might be a tad throatier in terms of sound, which is what I was after.

The result was exactly what I needed. And that’s nearly the last bit of audio in place. We just need to re-record one line of dialogue and we’re done.

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