Rough cut. Very rough…

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I’d read in many places that it’s a good idea to take a week or so off from the film after photography has finished and before you start editing. So I decided to do that.

That decision lasted five minutes.

So, here we are, two days after we shot the final few takes (two re-shot shots and an additional one) and some off-screen audio, and the rough cut is done. It’s running at 17 mins (without end titles), which may be a good indication of the final length.

It’s very rough, of course. Lots of clunky edits that are just crying out for the smoothing effect of L- and J-cuts. Some shots still running too long, a few that are maybe a tad too short. But already I can see that there is a lot of work to do.

I’m not just talking about laying in sound effects and music, or recording and editing the audio montages we’ve planned. I’m not even talking about the long, laborious but essential task of finessing the edits (I’ve already seen how tweaking them just a few frames can make a huge difference). Nope, I’m talking about the pick-up shots that are going to be needed as cutaways where two existing shots just refuse to cut together.

Actually, I’m pleased that there aren’t many of these – perhaps just two or three. While shooting was still in progress, and I still had the energy in the evenings to start some preliminary cutting, we learned that we’d need a couple of inserts (both of pebbles hitting the surface of a lake) to help scene 3 work. Now I’ve found I need something for a later scene. We have a cut where one character has started moving at the end of one shot, and so his body position has changed. But in the next shot, it’s back to where it was. It just doesn’t work.

So, if you’re reading this Carl, we may need you for a very short shoot very soon.


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