My First Day by Keith

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Today has been a day of firsts. My first time acting, unless you count holding a stick with a cardboard sheeps head on the end in the Langtons Infants School production of “Noah’s Ark”, circa ’74. My first filmmaking experience that didn’t include speed cameras, enough said on that topic.

I also discovered the Black and White setting on my camera today so took some shots on set, just to see, and have decided to stick with it,probably. To top it all off I am now blogging, another cherry popped, will today ever end. Just as an aside I also sold a dozen eggs to a lady from New Zealand, first time for everything ringing so loudly in my ears by now that it’s triggered my tinnitus.

It’s been a good day and I’m sure to sleep well tonight, hope you enjoy the pics, if I can just work out how to add them, wish me luck.

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