Monday 12th August… Day One…

…was good!  No major disasters, some team bonding, as we each discovered our roles.  Vita, Morgan H and Tom were soon working together like pros.  Steve ended up in the ditch several times, all in the cause of making good art!   It didn’t rain and there were some unexpected revelations, as when Morgan W.R (who is playing Luke) produced some beautifully subtle performances, revealing aspects of the character he’s playing, that were achingly real.  Neil did a fab job on his motorbike, patiently driving up and down the lane more times than I can recall, until we got the timing just right.

I can’t help turning over in my mind all the scenes we’ve shot today.  It strikes me that film making is as much about what you don’t show as what you do.  I’m wondering how certain shots will juxtapose with others, how the audience will bridge the gap in their own imaginations.  And the imagination has no bounds – we just need to feed it the right images at the right moments.  It’s magic.

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