Finding the gaps

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20130812-0116Film-making is exhausting. After a day’s shoot, I spent several hours copying over files, renaming them, and starting on a (very) rough cut.

I started editing partly to convince myself that we were doing it right. We actually got some great shots, a beautifully restrained performance from Morgan (Luke) – who hasn’t had a word of dialogue to say yet but has still been acting his socks off – and generally I think it’s all working fine.

Except that the rough cut has already shown me one place where the shots won’t cut together. We’ll need to shoot a cutaway as a pick-up shot after principal photography is done.

One of the toughest parts of the day was a shot involving a motorcycle wizzing by. Neil did an outstanding job of controlling his speed (and missing me as I stood in the middle of the road with nothing but a hi-viz vest for protection). But co-ordinating Morgan walking into focus at specific spot with Neil riding past wasn’t simple. Still, only took eight takes.

So, first day over and only about half a day behind schedule. 😉 Not bad for beginners…

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