Day Two – The Joy of Creation

Now that we’ve finished filming for today, I am actually finding it quite hard to come back to reality, (whatever that is!).  During the eight hours we were shooting I was transported into the world of the film, down the hidden, green, leafy paths of Normandy.  I don’t know yet what the film itself will be like, although I have hopes and a sense of something exciting and mysterious.

It feels like we are starting to act as one in its creation.  Today was different from yesterday – we understand a little more about what is possible, and how we can each contribute. Writing can be a lonely job, and I haven’t worked in a team like this since my theatre days. It really is a joy.

One thought on “Day Two – The Joy of Creation

  1. jean-mi

    je suis très heureux d ‘avoir un peu participé à cette aventure, où j ‘y ai rencontré des personnes gracieuses et vraiment impliquées dans leur passion. Et en plus un esprit d ‘équipe profond et drôle à la fois. une véritable bande de potes qui fait les chose bien et sérieusement sans se prendre trop au sérieux ce qui est adorable.
    merci à tous et spécialement à Clare pour m’y avoir emmené comme dans un green Garden.
    et à propos de couleur, “blue eyes ” tout le plaisir était pour moi.
    thanks at all , and when you want to another time.


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