OMG! – It’s happening…

Last weekend we had our first full get together of cast and crew – it really is happening!  And we’ve got a great team.

It’s been a steep learning curve for me, and it looks like it’s going to continue that way. I thought I had written something simple, but our contact sheet has 13 names on it – oops, that could be unlucky!  But we’ve already realised we’re probably going to need more crew – either that or the crew we’ve got will have to learn how to operate equipment with their noses or toes, as well as their hands! They’re a talented bunch, but perhaps that would be asking too much…

After so many months of planning it’s very exciting to finally see it all come together.  I’m finding it a fascinating process.  The film has grown from an idea in my head, to a story on paper and now it’s morphing into something else again, as the cast and crew make it their own.

There seems to be so many layers to making a film, so many creative possibilities. The way the actors say a line, their physicality, the camera shots Steve chooses, the clothes that Trish selects for the characters – it’s all adding to the mix.  And there’s more to come – including the music, the locations we’ve chosen and of course the weather!   I’m writing this on a glorious summer’s day – please, please let it be like this when we start filming in August!

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