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The bosky track

The bosky track

Well, I’m glad to say my memory didn’t let me down too badly. Today I scouted locations around the very pretty Mont Margantin for scene 2. It’s about as much of a ‘mont’ as the Orne can manage – less generous people might call it a hill rather than a mountain. But it has lots of woodland, quiet roads and (critically from our point of view) footpaths.

One footpath is even more bosky than I remember. We’ll use it for the early shots of Luke walking. The darkness will nicely reflect his mood.

We have a shot planned with a speeding motorbike, so need a place where a footpath joins a road. That’s where my memory let me down. The footpath Trish & I walked last year is perfect for some of the shots, but won’t work at all for the motorbike shot. One problem is that the stretch of road where the footpath joins has bends only a short distance either side. That’s would be a safety issue.

As luck would have it, I stumbled across another footpath that joins a long(ish) straight sections of road. Our fearless stunt rider, Neil, will have a good, clear run to both accelerate and decelerate without running into any nasty surprises around a corner.

So, we’re all set with locations now…

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